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Mysten Labs Raises $300 Million To Accelerate Its Sui Blockchain’s Adoption

Mysten Labs, the firm at the back of Sui (the layer-1-based blockchain that has not yet been launched) has gathered up to $300M to focus its attention on constructing the fundamental infrastructure as well as elevating the ecosystem of the Sui blockchain. Meta’s Ex-Executives Gather $300M to Enhance Sui Blockchain’s Adoption The blockchain firm, the … Read more

StackinSat Founder Says Narratives Promoting Blockchain Hinder Broader Adoption of Bitcoin

After a decade-long struggle in the crypto industry – out of some self-justified individual viewpoints – a few members of the crypto community determined to stand against the primary crypto token called Bitcoin (BTC). However, this resulted in the emergence of a narrative that negated Bitcoin but supported the blockchain sector. StackinSat Founder Says Bitcoin … Read more