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Office Of Foreign Asset Control Of US Treasury Sanctions Seven BTC Addresses Linked To An Iranian Ransomware Group

The Office of Foreign Asset Control of the U.S.-based Treasury Department has incorporated ten persons, two institutions, as well as some crypto addresses which were supposedly linked to a ransomware group (operating in Iranian jurisdiction) to the record of Specially Designated Nationals, properly making it illegitimate for the residents of the United States to get … Read more

New Survey Says Trust In Digital Assets Is Still Strong In Spite Of Bear Market

Apart from the bearish trend have been seen in the market for the last couple of months, but still, the crypto users seemed to be optimistic about the future of the crypto market as the trust of crypto users remains unshakable. And this trust has been seen at the global level as many countries like … Read more

Binance Plans To Halt ETH Withdrawals And Deposits Amid the Merge

Binance will disable withdrawals and deposits of ERC-20 and ETH tokens during the transition of the blockchain to proof-of-stake in the next month. The world’s biggest exchange with maximum transaction volume declared a step ahead to offer constancy during the upcoming Merge. Binance to Disable ERC-20 and ETH Withdrawals and Deposits during Merge The impending … Read more

Singapore Authorities are Preparing for New Regulations Surrounding Cryptocurrencies

As of now, the cryptocurrency industry is experiencing a downtrend and no cryptocurrency can claim it is not. The cryptocurrency sector has been facing the worst time ever and the entire community has been losing a lot for the past few months. Singapore Wants to Deal with the Situation With the cryptocurrency sector situation constantly … Read more

Celsius Receives Approval for Selling Mined Bitcoin

Crypto lender Celsius Network received approval from a bankruptcy court judge on August 16th to sell the bitcoin that it had previously mined in order to continue funding its operations. The company’s attorney spoke out the next day that the crypto lending platform had received offers of cash injections. However, the lawyer did not disclose … Read more

Proposal Submitted for Vasil Hard Fork of Cardano, Chances of a Strong Rally


The final phase for the implementation of the Cardano hard fork (Vasil) is in order. The only thing stopping the implementation is the approval for the implementation of the hard fork. IOHK Getting Ready to Implement the Testnet for Vasil Input Output Hong Kong, the developer of the Cardano blockchain has recently updated the entire … Read more

In 12-Hours, XRP’s Price Surged by 14% and its Profit May Grow by 1,000%

In 12-Hours, XRP’s Price Surged by 14% and its Profit May Grow by 1,000%

In the past 12 hours, several major cryptocurrencies have experienced a downtrend or have flattened out. However, XRP, the native token of Ripple has not demonstrated such a trend. Instead, its trading price has experienced a significant surge, pushing its price higher. A look at the price of XRP shows that it has experienced a … Read more

Trading Price of THORChain Exhibits a Boost Following Launch of Mainnet


The trading price of RUNE, the native token for the THORChain protocol has reportedly undergone a strong rally. Due to the rally, the trading price of RUNE has been boosted by 16%. The reason behind the boost in the trading price of RUNE was the launch of the mainnet. The teams behind the development of … Read more

Recent Happenings with Harmony have Left ONE Devastated in Terms of Trading Price


In the recent events, Harmony’s ONE has ended up finding itself among the worst performers in the list of top 200 cryptocurrencies demonstrating the worst performances. Harmony, which is one of the major providers of the cross-chain bridge has recently suffered from an incident resulting in ONE’s downfall. Harmony Suffered a Theft The reason behind … Read more