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Crypto Banking Issues Arise In United Kingdom

According to crypto advocates, several UK-based crypto companies are facing significant challenges when it comes to securing banking services. This is because numerous banks are restricting their interactions with the crypto sector, leading to a shortage of available banking partners. While the US has experienced the fallout from the collapse of Silvergate and Signature banks, … Read more

Xapo Bank Announces Users Will Be Able To Carry Out Withdrawals And Deposits For USDC

Xapo Bank has made an about its latest partnership with the stablecoin issuing company. According to the officials at the licensed private bank and the Bitcoin custodian, they have partnered with Circle, a financial technology company. The reason behind the Partnership The reason behind the partnership is to utilize the technology offered by Circle in … Read more

Adobe Surpasses Market Projections, Likely Retain Bullish Momentum

Adobe has performed better than market expectations, however, it may not be able to surpass its current range of trading. The analysts have increased their objectives. But limited the potential profits to the upper limit of the range. Experts believe that in future the trading range can be increased considerably. But it is good that … Read more

Russia Reveals Over 2 Billion Rubles Worth Digital Assets Issued In 2022

Russian Investors’ Developing Interest in Digital Assets Rather Than Traditional Instruments It hasn’t yet been a year since when Russian Government implemented a policy concerning digital assets. Under the said policy, the Russian central bank allowed local entities to engage with digital financial assets (DFAs). Since then Russia has seen over 2 Billion rubles (i.e. … Read more

Experts Try To Analyze Why EUR/USD Isn’t Boosting Amid Fed’s Re-Structuring

The most recent U.S Banking sector crisis has halted the Fed’s aims of increasing interest rates for an extended period. Last week two of the U.S biggest banks SVB and Signature faced a regulatory crackdown, and as a result, the entire stock market crumbled. This also had an adverse impact on the price of the … Read more

As BUSD Liquidity Concerns Keep Rising, Coinbase Announces Suspension Of BUSD Trading

Coinbase has finally executed the suspension of the Binance USD (BUSD) that it had previously announced. According to the officials, trading for the BUSD has been suspended as they had previously communicated. BUSD Trading has been Suspended The teams at Coinbase have made the final announcement pertaining to the suspension of Binance USD. In the … Read more

Would Silicon Valley Bank’s Collapse Marks End Of “Crypto Winter”

Impact of Silicon Valley Bank’s fall onto the Crypto Industry A few days back, the US banking sector was surprised when it acknowledged the fact that Silicon Valley Bank was going to collapse. It was on 10th March 2023 when Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) announced its failure to carry on the banking business any longer. … Read more

SEC Obtains Asset Freeze In Miami-Based Crypto Asset Fraud Scheme

Authorities worldwide have been actively scrutinizing activities related to the crypto industry and these have often been followed by some serious crackdowns. The regulating authorities hunt down illicit crypto activities so that further illegal activities and infringement of laws can be prevented. SEC’s Action Against Cryptocurrency The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in the US … Read more