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Wix Partners with CoinGate to Enable Cryptocurrency Payments

Wix is a major website development services provider. Recently, it has partnered with a third-party cryptocurrency project called CoinGate. The main objective of this integration is to enable crypto payment services for the clients of Wix. This partnership has also geared the idea that cryptocurrency adoption and payments are becoming more common. CoinGate is a … Read more

World’s Largest Asset Manager BlackRock Adds Bitcoin to its Global Allocation Fund

BlackRock, one the biggest asset management enterprises in the world has added Bitcoin to their Asset Allocation Fund. The Global Allocation Fund is one of the most sought-after and popular funds among investors related to passive trading and ordinary trading products. At its core, this fund has invested in global options such as equity, debt, … Read more

SOL Price Recovers as Vitalik Buterin Shows Support for Solana

Solana is a cryptocurrency that was backed by FTX’s former CEO, Sam Bankman Fried. It is among the leading layer 01 blockchain projects, and it has barely managed to survive the FTX collapse incident. However, other major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum have remained relatively stable. On the other hand, the prices of Solana have … Read more

ZuluTrade Review – Automated Trading to Help Both New and Intermediate Traders

ZuluTrade Review People who just start trading will often struggle with how they should go about the entire experience. Not only do they understand much about the market, but getting into a position where they can make more educated decisions will take some time. And not everyone who is trading will want to invest that … Read more

Is the Cryptocurrency Bear Market Coming to an End?

The crypto market is going through a long snooze that was not on the radar of all those traders and crypto analysts who openly preached the crypto market as the glorious progeny of the financial world. Almost every cryptocurrency is going through a pretty difficult time, and Bitcoin is struggling to keep its head above … Read more

Brazilian Parliament Passes New Law to Recognize Crypto as a Payment Method

The lower house of Brazil has recently passed a bill to make cryptocurrency payments legal in the country. At present, many governments around the world have become concerned about their role in cryptocurrency-related regulations. The phenomenon has been expedited on account of the collapse of FTX Group, which was a regulated cryptocurrency exchange. The bill … Read more

Crypto Lending Platform AAVE Freezes Lending Markets for 17 Ethereum-based Tokens to Mitigate Risks

AAVE is a decentralized trading protocol that has temporarily frozen the services for around 17 Ethereum-based tokens. The move has been taken to prevent losses from bad debts that can impact the stability of the decentralized protocol. It is important to note that AAVE is one of the largest cryptocurrency lending platforms operating on the … Read more

Charles Hoskinson Says Cryptocurrencies Cannot Exist Outside of the Decentralized Sector

Charles Hoskins was responding to the Q&A session during the 2022 Web Summit recently. During the session, he claimed that Decentralized Identification or DID is a critical component of the decentralized sector. He claimed that DIDs make sure that the users in a DeFi setup are verified and compliant without exposing their personal identification. He … Read more

Proximity Labs Rolls Out $10 Million Developer Fund for DEX

Proximity Labs is a DeFi research and development firm on the NEAR blockchain. The other three DEX networks from NEAR, namely Spin, Tonic, and Orderly network have all been banned together for a singular task. The new announcement reveals that all these projects have collected $10 million in funds for incentivizing developers. The fund is … Read more

Russia has Decided to Launch a National Cryptocurrency Exchange

Since the start of a war between Russia and Ukraine, the country has had to deal with major financial sanctions from the western bloc. The country has as a result plunged into inflation, and massive money devaluation, and has also been boycotted by the cryptocurrency exchanges such as Coinbase. The saving grace for Russia has … Read more