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Forex Cyborg Review – Is Forex Cyborg Forex Trading Robot Scam or Legit?

Forex Cyborg Robot
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In this Forex Cyborg review, we’ll go over all you have to know about Forex Cyborg, from how it works to whether it’s the right choice.

Forex Cyborg Review

Forex Cyborg registrationForex Cyborg is an automated forex trading robot created to work on platforms that are based on MetaTrader 4 concept. This bot has a high win percentage on top currency pairs when it is implemented along with the EA function.

In this Forex Cyborg review, I will answer the questions which may be in your mind as well and tell you how it can prove favorable for you.

Forex Cyborg is a user-friendly and convenient trading robot created by a team of expert software engineers. They have made sure that it achieves the target by making efficient and profitable trades on clients’ behalf.

Forex Cyborg registration

How does It work?

First of all, you would have to download and install this software but believe me, this is all you need to do. Once it is operational and submerged with your MetaTrader 4 platform, it takes control over everything. From opening trades to setting stop losses and from making adjustments to closing trades, everything is done automatically.

This bot, which is compatible with mobile phones as well, can handle up to 18 forex currency pairs at a time. It also takes care of simulated slippage. It ensures smooth trading because it was launched after vigorous and thorough testing.

How Much It Costs?

The cost of the Forex Cyborg Robot is dependent on which package you select. Currently, two packages are being offered. The first one is known as the Gold package while the other is introduced as the Premium package.

The price of the Forex Cyborg Gold package is €499.99. This package allows access to one user only and its features include lifetime customer support and frequent updates. A demo account is also provided for testing and getting familiarized with its functions.

The second package offered by Forex Cyborg costs €599.99 one-time fee. This package provides 2 additional licenses as well. It means that you can apply this version to three different MetaTrader 4 accounts. This package suits well to those traders who work in groups.

Forex Cyborg may be slightly costly as compared to other robots but if you compare its features, performance, and profits with other robots then you would come to know that cost doesn’t matter when you receive top-notch services.

Forex Cyborg sign up - FREE trading robot

Is It User-Friendly?

I circumvented the whole platform and concluded that everything is self-explanatory which makes it user-friendly. It is easy to browse and the entire thing is fully automated. Not just the installation process but the whole trading process has been made easier.

The whole purpose of launching trading robots is to automate the trading process for traders’ comfort. If the bot is difficult to operate and understand then the whole purpose of its creation dies. So it is made sure by the creator that it fulfills its target by making it intuitive.

Age And Number Of Trades

A trading robot with minimal testing and statements of a few weeks is not something you should trust because this kind of risk can endanger the whole investment. The EAs (expert advisors) use the previous trades to predict the next trades so the statement should be longer.

Forex Cyborg was launched after many years of experimentation and now it is in service for more than three years so it is easy to consider it a reliable option.

Does It Provide Customer Support?

Forex Cyborg is one of the few options in the market that provide lifetime support without any extra charges. The support team remains available 24/7. There are two ways in which the support team can be reached. Firstly, there is a contact form available on its website which can be sent to the representatives.

The second option to contact customer support is by sending an email to the official email address of Forex Cyborg. Both these options are easy and the response time of the platform is almost the same.


Forex Cyborg is a high-performance trading robot within a well-justified price. It has a very good profit percentage and all its features collectively make it the best option for traders.

Forex Cyborg registration

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