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Xapo Bank Announces Users Will Be Able To Carry Out Withdrawals And Deposits For USDC

Xapo Bank has made an about its latest partnership with the stablecoin issuing company. According to the officials at the licensed private bank and the Bitcoin custodian, they have partnered with Circle, a financial technology company. The reason behind the Partnership The reason behind the partnership is to utilize the technology offered by Circle in … Read more

Russia Reveals Over 2 Billion Rubles Worth Digital Assets Issued In 2022

Russian Investors’ Developing Interest in Digital Assets Rather Than Traditional Instruments It hasn’t yet been a year since when Russian Government implemented a policy concerning digital assets. Under the said policy, the Russian central bank allowed local entities to engage with digital financial assets (DFAs). Since then Russia has seen over 2 Billion rubles (i.e. … Read more

As BUSD Liquidity Concerns Keep Rising, Coinbase Announces Suspension Of BUSD Trading

Coinbase has finally executed the suspension of the Binance USD (BUSD) that it had previously announced. According to the officials, trading for the BUSD has been suspended as they had previously communicated. BUSD Trading has been Suspended The teams at Coinbase have made the final announcement pertaining to the suspension of Binance USD. In the … Read more

Charles Hoskinson Says Cryptocurrencies Cannot Exist Outside of the Decentralized Sector

Charles Hoskins was responding to the Q&A session during the 2022 Web Summit recently. During the session, he claimed that Decentralized Identification or DID is a critical component of the decentralized sector. He claimed that DIDs make sure that the users in a DeFi setup are verified and compliant without exposing their personal identification. He … Read more

Coinbase’s Brian Armstrong and Binance’s Changpeng Zhao Endorse the Idea Shared by Ethereum Co-founder Regarding Crypto Exchanges

The co-founder of Ethereum is known for establishing core ideas for DeFi sector development, such as the Trilemma of Blockchain and Proof-of-Reserve. The cascading impact of FTX’s demise has opened a sinkhole of panic and fear in the cryptocurrency market. To this end, the DeFi sector bigwigs have come forward to form a united front … Read more

US DOC’s Non-Regulatory Agency NIST Explores Trust, Security, And Safety Of Stablecoins

A non-regulatory organization operating under the United States Department of Commerce, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), issued the earliest public draft indicating diverse considerations dealing with the implementation as well as the architecture of stablecoins. NIST Studies Stablecoins and Issues Findings on their Trust, Safety, and Security By conducting a study over … Read more

Kevin O’Leary Says Disruption In Payment Systems by Crypto Threatens JP Morgan CEO

Kevin O’Leary – in a conference of Converge22 (which was held on 8th September) – shared the fear of Jamie Dimon about the disruption that is caused by cryptocurrencies in the case of traditional payment systems. Kevin O’Leary is a venture capitalist who possesses several million and is the anchor of Shark Tank and Jamie … Read more