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Experts Try To Analyze Why EUR/USD Isn’t Boosting Amid Fed’s Re-Structuring

The most recent U.S Banking sector crisis has halted the Fed’s aims of increasing interest rates for an extended period. Last week two of the U.S biggest banks SVB and Signature faced a regulatory crackdown, and as a result, the entire stock market crumbled. This also had an adverse impact on the price of the … Read more

Slower Interest Rate Hike Prospects Weigh On Dollar As U.S. Jobs Data Disappoints

On Friday, the US dollar lost its price as a result of the latest labor statistics for February indicating a decrease in the rate of wage growth. Experts believe that the reduction of inflationary constraints could result in the Federal Reserve’s gradual pace of increasing interest rates. Since there is no urgency to increase the … Read more

Traders Reassessment of Feds Policy and Banking Turmoil in US Causes Dollar Price to Weaken

The Monday trading session saw the dollar price take yet another dive. The trading value of the dollar slipped to a lower level as witnessed in the Forex trading session on Monday. According to analysts, there are two factors behind the slump in the trading price of the dollar. Stance on Interest Rates The first … Read more

Fund Manager Matt Hougan Says Next Crypto Bull Run will Surpass All Previous Records

Cryptocurrency markets took a back seat for a while, but the market is ready for another massive comeback. To this end, the CIO of Bitwise Asset Management, Matt Hougan, has shared his optimism. He recently told the media that the upcoming bull run in the cryptocurrency market is going to be notorious and surpass all … Read more

SOL Price Recovers as Vitalik Buterin Shows Support for Solana

Solana is a cryptocurrency that was backed by FTX’s former CEO, Sam Bankman Fried. It is among the leading layer 01 blockchain projects, and it has barely managed to survive the FTX collapse incident. However, other major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum have remained relatively stable. On the other hand, the prices of Solana have … Read more

Is the Cryptocurrency Bear Market Coming to an End?

The crypto market is going through a long snooze that was not on the radar of all those traders and crypto analysts who openly preached the crypto market as the glorious progeny of the financial world. Almost every cryptocurrency is going through a pretty difficult time, and Bitcoin is struggling to keep its head above … Read more

Solana Faces Financial Damage due to its Connection with FTX

The cascading impact of FTX is not only limited to its user base. The damage has been spread to its closely tied crypto enterprises, such as the Solana network. SBF, which maintained an altruistic image in the cryptocurrency sector, is now connected to dragging all other cryptocurrency enterprises working alongside it into a black hole. … Read more

Lira Becoming Worthless Amid Hiked Turkish CPI: USD/TRY Prediction

The USD/TRY exchange rate remained upside following the recent Turkish inflation numbers. The nation’s inflation gained more than 80% last month, following soaring energy prices. Lira continued to be worthless over the last few years. USD-TRY exchange rate remained stable on Monday, following the Turkish inflation figures. Also, the pair climbed towards the 18.22 high, … Read more

GBP/EUR Weakened Amid Bolstered ECB Hike Bets

The euro strengthened regardless of downbeat German data. The euro firmed despite Germany’s trade balance widely missing prediction. The trade surplus declined drastically to 4.9 billion pounds in July, missing the 6.2 billion estimate. Nevertheless, the increased anticipation of another massive rate hike during the next policy conference lent considerable support. Meanwhile, Reuters’ economists revealed … Read more