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Moderna Drags BioNtech/Pizer To Court For Infringement Over COVID Patent Infringement

The latest reports suggest that Pfizer and BioNTech are to face a lawsuit filed by Moderna. According to reports, the legal teams at Moderna have filed a lawsuit against BioNTech and Pfizer. BioNTech is the German partner of Pfizer, which is a multinational pharmaceutical company headquartered in the United States. Why has Moderna Taken Competitors … Read more

Dollar Gains As Fed’s Powell Expected To Be Hawkish

On Wednesday, the US dollar recorded gains against a basket of its peers, as it held close to a high of two decades. Investors shifted their focus towards the speech of the Federal Reserve chairman, Jerome Powell, on Friday for new clues about how aggressive they would be against their inflation battle. Hawkish expectations Traders … Read more

Authentic Brands Group Strikes a $254 Million Deal to Acquire Ted Baker

Authentic Brands Group has recently made an announcement in regards to striking a deal with Ted Baker, a UK fashion chain. A $254 Million Deal The sources confirm that Authentic Brands Group, a major retail conglomerate that owns multiple businesses is acquiring Ted Baker. Authentic Brands Group is already the owner of major brands such … Read more

Sterling Falls To Lowest Since Mid-July Due To Cost Of Living Crisis

On Monday, the sterling declined to its lowest value against the dollar since mid-July, as a summer of strikes and surging energy prices highlighted the cost of living crisis in the United Kingdom. It also ended up intensifying concerns about another slowdown in the economy. Sterling falls Due to worries about the surging inflation in … Read more

Fed Rate Hike Forecast Drive Up The Dollar

On Friday, the US dollar index record its biggest gain in a week since April 2020, as the currency touched a high of five weeks. This was after investors adjusted their expectations about the US Federal Reserve continuing to increase interest rates in order to curb inflation. The Fed’s stance On Thursday, several officials of … Read more