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Wix Partners with CoinGate to Enable Cryptocurrency Payments

Wix is a major website development services provider. Recently, it has partnered with a third-party cryptocurrency project called CoinGate. The main objective of this integration is to enable crypto payment services for the clients of Wix.

This partnership has also geared the idea that cryptocurrency adoption and payments are becoming more common.

CoinGate is a cryptocurrency payments services protocol that operates out of Europe. The company announced its partnership with It is important to note that Wix is also a listed company on NASDAQ.

With the help of CoinGate, users will be able to accept payments from countries like Spain, Germany, Lithuania, and Netherlands.

Wix Merchants can now Accept Crypto Payments

With the addition of the cryptocurrency payment options for, the users of the service have expanded their payment options. The consumers of the web-design services provider will now be able to able to pay for their online domain and other website-related services using crypto options such as Bitcoin. Furthermore, there are also 70 more cryptocurrency-listed options for Wix consumers.

It is important to note that all the cryptocurrency payments received by are going to be converted. As per the legal listings, the website services company is going to receive all the crypto payments in the form of a designated fiat currency alternative.

It entails that CoinGate is going to convert all the crypto payments into acceptable fiat alternatives such as Euro, USD, GBP, etc for

CoinGate CEO, Justas Paulius has told media that the partnership with such a major online services provider as is crucial. He estimated that in the future more commercial enterprises are going to ingrain crypto payment options for their consumers.

He claimed that with the new era of blockchain, more companies are thinking about offering their consumers an additional option in the form of cryptocurrencies.

He noted that there are around 300 million cryptocurrency users around the world. Therefore, it is very practical for more online companies to incorporate cryptocurrency payments to enhance their international sales figures. CoinGate previously reported that the crypto payments volume has increased by 60% in 2022 in comparison to last year.

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