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Office Of Foreign Asset Control Of US Treasury Sanctions Seven BTC Addresses Linked To An Iranian Ransomware Group

The Office of Foreign Asset Control of the U.S.-based Treasury Department has incorporated ten persons, two institutions, as well as some crypto addresses which were supposedly linked to a ransomware group (operating in Iranian jurisdiction) to the record of Specially Designated Nationals, properly making it illegitimate for the residents of the United States to get … Read more

New Survey Says Trust In Digital Assets Is Still Strong In Spite Of Bear Market

Apart from the bearish trend have been seen in the market for the last couple of months, but still, the crypto users seemed to be optimistic about the future of the crypto market as the trust of crypto users remains unshakable. And this trust has been seen at the global level as many countries like … Read more

StackinSat Founder Says Narratives Promoting Blockchain Hinder Broader Adoption of Bitcoin

After a decade-long struggle in the crypto industry – out of some self-justified individual viewpoints – a few members of the crypto community determined to stand against the primary crypto token called Bitcoin (BTC). However, this resulted in the emergence of a narrative that negated Bitcoin but supported the blockchain sector. StackinSat Founder Says Bitcoin … Read more

Trading Price of Bitcoin Records 4.6% Rise to Reach $23.4K

The trading price of Bitcoin (BTC) had been experiencing a downtrend until its value rose as a result of a rally. The trading price of BTC experienced an overnight surge. Recent Price Surge of Bitcoin With the recent surge, a new door has opened allowing Bitcoin to reach higher gains in the upcoming days. The … Read more

Impoverished Investors Turn To Bitcoin

Countries all across the world are crumbling under the burden of debt incurred as a result of the paper money system. Inflation is common right now, and buying bitcoin is one of the only methods to protect your assets. Bitcoin and other cryptos are not after by the government in any way. No matter how … Read more

U.S. Citizen Accused of $59M Illegal Foreign Exchange Scheme by CFTC

The CFTC has charged Eddy Alexandre, a New York-based U.S. citizen and founder of EminiFX Inc. was charged with a $59M foreign exchange scam scheme. CTFC Charged a U.S. Citizen for Illegal FX Scheme The U.S. government has taken similar steps against Alexandre’s corporation, EminiFX Inc. According to the CFTC, Alexandre guaranteed investors a weekly … Read more

Cryptocurrency Meltdown Increasing El Salvador’s Chances of Defaulting On Its Debts

Based on a report released earlier this week, it seems like El Salvador would not be able to pay up its debts after losing one-third of its investment in Bitcoin investments and legalizing Bitcoin as a legal tender. El Salvador’s President Began Investing in BTC, But It Failed The Wall Street Journal has reported that … Read more

MicroStrategy Loses $170.1M on Bitcoin Impairment Grounds – Report

MicroStrategy, a cryptocurrency financial services firm, announced its financial situation for the first quarter of 2022. The software firm announced it lost over $170 million via impairment charges on its virtual asset treasury during the report’s period. Based on the organization’s most recent financial reports, its losses due to impairment during the report’s period were … Read more

Bitcoin Set For Its Worst Bearish Week

The flagship coin could head straight into its worst week of losses in history as investors show fear of low liquidity due to the hike in interest rates.  Currently, bitcoin is arguably in the worst state, falling 7.4% last week. A further capitulation will see the largest cryptocurrency head into six consecutive weeks of losses, … Read more

American Lawmakers Seeks Risk Assessment for Fidelity’s Plan to Use BTC in 401(k) Accounts

American Lawmakers have asked Fidelity, a financial services firm, to give details about how it plans to address the liabilities involved in utilizing BTC as a retirement savings option before the 18th of this month. The country appears increasingly worried about the idea of allowing individuals to save BTC with the financial company in their … Read more