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NFT Watchdog Group Rug Pull Finder’s NFT Project Exploited

NFT surveillance team named Rug Pull Finder – responsible for the stoppage of any act of scamming and hacking in the system of non-fungible tokens – could not avoid the exploitation of its NFTs. The NFT series named “Bad Guys” focuses on the people who illegally pirate the NFTs. However, the vulnerability present within the smart contract thereof allowed two people, who minted 450 NFTs in place of just 1 NFT for each wallet.

Rug Pull Finder has revealed that it has been admitted by the organization itself that they were being informed about NFT stealing even before that happened but the organization did not trust in the authenticity of the information provided.

OKHotshot, which is an expert within the crypto sector, has mentioned by referring to the event of 400 NFT mints that it was not the act of any fraud or scam.

It labeled the even to be permissible according to their contract. This comment made the community members laugh at the failure of the system to prevent such losses. Another comment passed by one of the community members in the light of the investigation of the NFT project was astonishing mentioning that they signed such a nonsensical contract that permits such illegal forgeries.

Rug Pull Finder to Purchase 366 Non-Fungible Tokens for 2.5 ETH

Scott Mitchell inquired the reason for which the team permitted this mint to take place when they were foretold nearly half an hour back. In the meantime, Rug Pull Finders are trying to fix the issue by providing some remedies to the people who suffered from loss.

The provided update has ensured that they accessed the wallets’ owners, who took benefit of this whole event and propounded 2.5 Ethereum to regain 366 NFTs and left. The whole description has proved this incident as an act that was permissible by the contract. It is not fraud or hack as those malicious people just found it profitable for them and performed it for their benefit.

NFTs Got Robbed

Now the group is planning to gamble back all those 330 NFTs from those wallet owners, who easily devised the scheme to have the transaction of 450 NFTs at once. Rug Pull Finders has exactly revealed that this event was not a hack or fraud. The research has shown that those contemptuous people have stolen NFTs, equivalent to 86 million dollars, which h is unethical.

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