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Animoca Brands Raises $110M In a Strategic Funding Round

A prominent entity in the field of blockchain as well as Metaverse gaming, Animoca Brands, has formally revealed the details regarding a funding round that is being led on the behalf of Temasek (a state-owned investor from Singapore). On Thursday, it was declared by Animoca that systematic funding round (comprising up to $110M taken from the convertible notes’ issuance to a limited proportion of the organizational investors.

A Funding Round of $110 Million Validated by Animoca Brands

Accomplished at AU$4.50 (as its conversion price), the latest round is just like the former funding round, as confirmed by the company. The notes round took into account unique investors such as Temasek, Boyu Capital (a private equity platform), as well as GGV Capital (a worldwide venture capital company). The above-mentioned firms have made a systematic consortium of exclusive investors, targeting to offer advice to the firm as it keeps on elevating the institutional structure thereof.

GGV, Boyu, and Temasek are considered to have an engagement with as well as to advise Animoca regarding a broad array of business problems along with the provision of input on capital gains and business, as mentioned in the declaration. Apart from that, the investors present in the round took into account Mirae Asset Management (a well-known investment company based in South Korea) and True Global Ventures (a venture capital organization).

Animoca has a strategy to utilize the unique funds to keep on making systematic acquisitions investments, create exclusive goods, as well as obtain licenses to offer intellectual properties. Along with this, the firm aims at making progress in the Metaverse world and endeavors to expand the rights thereof related to digital property in the case of online consumers.

Animoca Brands to Expand Its Presence in the Metaverse Space

Animoca Brands’ executive chairman and co-founder, Yat Siu, highlighted the significance of the participation of worldwide organizations in the round. He disclosed that their latest investors will participate in the systematic advice as well as perspective because they construct the chief firm across the globe to further the rights related to the digital property within the industry of Web3.

A few early reports dealing with the funding round of Animoca were initially witnessed in August’s latter part. Rohit Sipahimalani, the chief investment officer (CIO) of Temasek International, emphasized that the government-backed institution did not straightly make crypto investments, however, invests in the businesses related to crypto.

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