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New Survey Says Trust In Digital Assets Is Still Strong In Spite Of Bear Market

Apart from the bearish trend have been seen in the market for the last couple of months, but still, the crypto users seemed to be optimistic about the future of the crypto market as the trust of crypto users remains unshakable. And this trust has been seen at the global level as many countries like the United States are showing more trust and interest in cryptocurrencies i.e, Bitcoin (BTC) in the Q2 of the following year.

Bitstamp exchange believes that the current the cryptocurrency winter has not shaken the interest and trust of cryptocurrency users as at the global level cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and other digital currencies are still in demand and even growing day by day.

Bitstamp Survey

Despite from the bearish curve of the crypto market, the trust of crypto users at the global level has remained unshakable particularly in digital currencies like Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin (BTC) and a few other significant digital currencies.

Bitstamp, the independent and reliable research firm has recently conducted the survey in order to observe the trust of crypto users at the global level and involved approximately   28,000 institutional and retail investors from different 23 countries in order to study the overall trust of clients in the crypto market.

The survey discloses remarkable results as it revealed that globally the trust remains unshakable and people are still interested and have a firm belief in the crypto world and cryptocurrencies, particularly in Bitcoin (BTC). The study reveals that the trust level of the retail investors slightly dropped in Q1 to  61% and in Q2 to 65% in the ongoing year. And for the intuitional investors, the survey signalled the same trend as the clients showed their trust up to 67% in Q2 against 70% in the Q1.

Trust Percentage at Country Level

The survey conducted by Bitstamp shows the variation of trust over cryptocurrencies in different counties. In the USA a bullish trend has been observed as trust increases in Q1 to Q2 from 61%to 73% respectively. In Canada, a relative show trust level has been observed as the dip remained downward below 50%  in the second quarter (Q2). While on other hand, in many other countries trust remained high at around 70%, 69% and 77% in countries like Mexico, Chile and Brazil, respectively.

Survey suggest that in most parts of the world, the trust of the intuitional and retail investors remained unshakable and the same in the crypto industry besides the bear market.

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