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Polygon (MATIC) can Outperform Bitcoin, Says Crypto Analyst

There have been several theories about the ultimate dethroning of Bitcoin as the top cryptocurrency.

Recently, the idea was reiterated by a cryptocurrency analyst who goes by the name of Pentoshi. It is worth noting that Polygon is a layer-02 solution that was created by Indian developers and hosted on the Ethereum network.

The project has managed to gain traction among investors and has reported a massive development activity on GitHub. The pseudonymous analysts have claimed that Polygon is bound to make considerable progress in the future on account of its latest upgrade.

Polygon devs have recently announced that the DeFi protocol is ready to add support for zkEVM on March 27th. This upgrade will improve the user interface for the investors and also assist developers by the way of increasing network efficiency and reducing the cost incurred.

The analyst has also made a prediction that the MATIC token native to Polygon is likely to score a new ATH after the upgrade. He went on to interject that this update can shoot MATIC ahead of Bitcoin in a matter of 10-14 days.

Polygon’s Latest Upgrade will Pump MATIC Price Value

Polygon investors are enthusiastic about the recent update. As per Pentoshi, the expected showdown between Bitcoin and Polygon can occur sometime during the next two weeks. He pointed out that the token was able to perform considerably well during the bear market.

He also maintained that the zkEVM upgrade is going to add to the value of the network and send its prices soaring through the sky. He has reported that he is investing more MATIC tokens and kept it as his main trading focus for the current month. He is positive that the token was able to retain the interest of the stakeholders during the cryptocurrency winters and thus it has a good chance of making it big when the upgrade finalizes.

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