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Bitcoin of America Partners with Miami at Bitcoin 2022 Conference

Bitcoin of America, a popular place to buy and sell virtual currencies, says it will be back at BTC 2022 in Miami in 2022. If you went to the BTC 2021 conference, Bitcoin of America gained headlines because it encouraged women to work in the crypto field. 

Bitcoin of America Returns for Bitcoin 2022 Conference

Bitcoin of America is returning with a larger contingent of female employees this year, including some of its most senior female executives. The corporation has been outspoken regarding making bitcoin more accessible to women and increasing female participation in the sector.

With his unwavering support for BTC and its significance in Miami’s developing IT sector, Mayor Francis Suarez is becoming a household name in the cryptocurrency world. Suarez gave a talk at the BTC 2021 conference in Miami. For 2022, he’ll be joined by the all-female Bitcoin of America squad. I’m ecstatic that Miami will host the world’s biggest BTC summit for the second season running. Women are rarely promoted in the BTC sector, so seeing prominent companies like Bitcoin of America deploy an all-female management team. Alice Gorodetsky, who is in charge of the company’s growth for BTC in the United States, stated to Suarez when they were talking.

Bitcoin of America provides various services, like BTC Tablets, BTC ATMs, and cryptocurrency exchange. They possess more than 1K branches across the US, in cities like New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, and many more. Bitcoin of America is well-known in the BTC sector for providing its clients with quick and painless transactions and excellent customer service. The business has over 2K BTC ATMs around the US and continues to grow.

Bitcoin 2021 Miami

The startup impacted the BTC 2021 Conference in Miami, which men dominated. During one of the past conferences, Jenna Polinsky, Alice Gorodetsky, and Samantha Miller were surprised to find that the event was dominated by men as there were a few women present. Bitcoin of America wants to inspire more women to get involved in the sector, and it’s seeking to grow its workforce! 

Bitcoin of America has also revealed the debut of another podcast series in July 2021, which they claim would be led by a team with only women. Women who work for Bitcoin of America have said that the corporation has a great working atmosphere and culture.

Bitcoin of America has sent a female leadership team to exhibitions, conferences, and other events for the past few years. They also admitted that women hold the majority of their top-level roles. These prominent women lead Bitcoin of America’s Director of Agent Locations (DAL), Chief Operating Officer (COO), Operations Manager (OM), and Director of Marketing (DMR). There’ll be a Bitcoin of America booth selling goods featuring attractive ladies in the cryptocurrency industry at the BTC 2022 event. Make a point of stopping and grabbing some snacks!

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