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VanEck Adds LUNA to Its Family of Cryptocurrency ETPs

In a tweet, Gabor Gurbacs, the Head of Cryptocurrencies at VanEck, said that another Terra-based Exchange-Traded Product is coming to the EU.

LUNA Has Joined VanEck’s ETP Lineup

He announced through Twitter that LUNA had been introduced to the VanEck group of ETPs, having MVIS supplying the index upon which the latest ETP is built. He also congratulated the Terra group, as well as Do Kwon. Two years ago, VanEck was permitted to utilize the MVBTCV to release the cash’s BTC ETN.

VanEck is the world’s largest cryptocurrency investment company, with over $60B in cryptocurrencies under management and several cryptocurrency exchange-traded products. In December last year, an application was submitted for a new ETF that’d monitor the GDAM Index.

VanEck Released 3 Cryptocurrency ETNs

VanEck has announced the debut of three cryptocurrency ETNs that track DOT, SOL, and TRX. With a TER of 1.5 percent, the VDOT, the VSOL, and the VTRX are all traded on Deutsche Boerse. The MVIS CryptoCompare SOL, DOT, and TRX VWAP Close are their underlying indices. The 3 cryptos were chosen depending on 7 factors according to the business. To help European investors get a better look at the coming years of cryptos, VanEck said it would add more cryptos to its service. It went on to say that newer platforms might have other benefits, such as cheaper transaction fees or speedier processes.

There are over 10K cryptos in existence, and nobody can predict which would be the most significant in ten years, according to Martijn Rozemuller. As a result, investors ought to be able to make investments in a wide range of cryptocurrencies. We’re going to take care of that right now. The company also introduced ETH and BTC exchange-traded notes on Deutsche Boerse last year. After halving its fee last month, the VBTC now has a total expense ratio of 1 percent.


VanEck is an asset management firm situated in New York City in 1955. VanEck manages more than 75 percent of its assets through exchange-traded funds. VanEck acquired and merged the Dutch exchange-traded fund provider Think exchange-traded fund as a unit in early 2018. A company situated in Frankfurt am Main creates many new indexes for VanEck exchange-traded funds.

VanEck’s critical operations are a variety of gold-related items. On top of that, VanEck possesses exchange-traded funds that aren’t available from any other supplier. These are exchange-traded funds that track precise indices. It includes a high-yield bond index with an emphasis on previous top corporations or growing economies and chosen stock indexes and stocks with the highest discount to their actual value. Think exchange-traded fund’s takeover means that Think exchange-traded fund’s European offerings have been broadened as well.

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