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Hugo Boss Teams Up With Web3 Firm Imaginary Ones For Metaverse And NFT Project

Recently, Hugo Boss and Imaginary Ones (a prestigious Web3 company) started a collaboration to be a part of the Metaverse and NFT world. Hugo Boss is determined to launch its initial collection of non-fungible tokens via this partnership to provide an outstanding fashion brand. The respective move counts as Hugo Boss’ renovative step as it is getting into the space of Metaverse with a unique NFT series.

Hugo Boss and Imaginary Ones’ NFT Collection to Launch in the Coming Month

As per Miah Sullivan, Global Marketing & Brand Communications’ senior vice president at Hugo Boss, the Metaverse sector is an exclusive world to facilitate fashion brands. He added that this sphere is broad and has great potential for the venue. In his words, their company is thrilled to be a collaborator of Imaginary Ones for the provision of a non-fungible token collection comprising attractive 3D assets, permitting advancement in the virtual world.

Apart from that, he disclosed, it additionally enables the sharing of a self-acceptance message, letting one be true to him/herself. The launch of the unique NFT collection is expected to take place in the coming month with more than 1,001 “Embrace Your Emotions” (EYE) – a series of 3D emotions. This collection’s goal is to encourage and support people to freely express their emotions irrespective of negative or positive feelings.

Generally, the collection will be devoted to mental health development. Among the 1,001 non-fungible tokens, 6 characters are considered to be exclusive and own special characteristics. 5 characters will focus on denoting different human emotions like sadness, anger, fear, joy, and love. 6th one among them will be a surprise.

The NFT Collection’s Revenue to Help Mental Health Project

The auction of the respective 6 characters within the NFT series will contribute to supporting World Mental Health Day, which will take place on the 10th of this month. Fundamentally, the entirety of the funds taken from the NFT auction will be given to a mental health project entitled “the Youth Aware of Mental Health” to persuade children between 13 and 17 years to delve into mental health’s significance and fundamentals.

Up till now, this program has reportedly assisted nearly 85,000 people across sixteen countries across the globe. The consumers will require an allowlist that would let them access the NFT collection for the purchase of the non-fungible tokens.

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