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A Report Says Crypto Can Influence Voters In US Midterm Elections This Year

Haun Ventures reported that it surveyed around 800 midterm voters (from 4 swing states of the United States). It asserted that the great majority of voters supported decentralization, as well as many of them, were HODLers themselves.  A detailed statement has been shared by Haun Ventures (a venture capital organization) about the survey results, conducted by Morning Consult (an intelligence company of business).

A Survey Asserts Crypto and NFT Holding Voters’ Percentage Could Influence the Midterm Elections

The shared results shared stated that almost 1 out of each 5 voters from the states named Pennsylvania, Ohio, Nevada, and New Hampshire, was an NFT or cryptocurrency holder. He added that approximately 91% of the survey respondents were proponents of user-governed and owned internet–based currency, which is user-friendly.

Taking into account the regard people have for Web3, Haun said that it will lead people towards electing candidates who support decentralized space and most possibly reprobate opponents of the decentralized universe.  In easy words, it can be explained that as both the candidates believe in the efficiency of Web3 policy so now voters are more concerned about the candidates’ views regarding the Universe of Web3.

The voters want their elected individuals to be supporters of Web3. The survey concluded that people are inclined toward democratic government. Along with that, they want to have decentralized internet but the issue is that there is no proper contract signed between the government and Web3. Therefore, voters are skeptical about the government’s ability regarding Web3’s regulation.

55% of Survey Participants Refute Supporting the Crypto Opposing Candidates

Haun Ventures’ survey reports that almost 55% of the voters probably will not support opponents of Web3. While on the hand, approximately 72% of HODlers are currently the owners of digital assets. The reason is that they want a democratic as well as a financially stable system that is fair and serves the masses.

This survey clarified that the inhabitants of these swing states exhibit a community of middle-class people, which is diverse and young and more enthusiastic than the whole population.  The midterm elections of 2022 are expected to be conducted in November.

The Morning Counsel targeted those people – in the respective survey (conducted from15th to 20th September) – who were preparing to cast vote in the poll. Katie Haun who is a member of the Coinbase board has recently raised $1.5B in March from the company “Haun Ventures” to invest in Web3.

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