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Mixed Asia Markets Lead Nikkei Index To Suffer Losses

The Tuesday trading session has reportedly brought in mixed results from the Asian-Pacific market. It is the latest jobs data shared by the United States that has led the non-US markets to suffer from dips.

The markets are still trying to digest the employment data that came out on Thursday. Although the US markets have performed well following the release of the jobs data, Asian markets seem to have taken a dip.

Nikkei 225 Performance

The Nikkei 225 index reportedly experienced a 0.88% dip in the Tuesday trading session. Following the dip, the points for the Nikkei 225 index fell to 27,999.96.

Topix Index

Topix Index came in second to Nikkei 225 in terms of losses. The particular index witnessed a 0.74% drop in the Tuesday trading session. After the drop, the Topix Index dipped to 1,937.02 points.

Kospi Index

The Kospi Index from South Korea also faced an uptrend in the Tuesday trading session. It recorded a 0.42% surge in the Tuesday trading session. The index went up to 2,503.46 points after the rise.

The Kosdaq Index from South Korea has gained 0.34%, which has pushed its points to 833.65.

S&P/ASX 200

In the Australian market, the S&P/ASX 200 Index has risen by 0.13%. After the surge, the S&P/ASX 200 has moved to 7,029.8 points.

Thursday’s Strong Payrolls Report

The payroll data shared for the United States is quite remarkable and something that was not expected at all. As a result of the promising payroll data, the banks have demanded to hike the interest rate for September by 75 bps.

Hang Seng Index

The Hang Seng Index of Hong Kong started its day with a strong growth rate. However, the end-day data was not as promising for the Hang Seng Index as expected.

The Hang Seng Index recorded 0.3% gains as the trading day ended.

Alibaba’s Stock Price Rise

The share prices for Alibaba have experienced a 0.7% hike in the recent trading session. On the Hong Kong stock market exchange, Alibaba had listed its stocks as secondary.

However, Alibaba has submitted a request and now it wants to have its stock status changed to primary on the Hong Kong exchange.

The Hong Kong Exchange has already approved the request submitted by Alibaba. However, the change to the stock status of Alibaba on the Hong Kong Index would take place by the end of 2022.

Advancement of the Chinese Stock Markets

The data from Shenzhen Component has shown that the particular index grew by 0.235%. It added points in order to climb up to 12,331.09 points.

Then it was the Shanghai Composite, which rose by 0.32%. With the rise, the particular index ended up rising to 3,247.43 points.

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