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Kazakhstan Raises Tax for Miners as Bitcoin Mining Gets Easier

Kazakhstan is reportedly planning to raise the amount of taxes for mining cryptocurrency and attach the latest rate to the worth of the minted virtual asset. Reports say that the plan would positively impact the country’s national budget.

The country’s latest move in the virtual assets sector comes with an announcement made by a top government official in Kazakhstan. According to Kazakhstan’s representative, the country plans that the taxes would be equivalent to the value of the virtual assets.

Kazakhstan’s representative also observed that the nation would increase its internally generated revenue due to its latest plans. Mining entities in Kazakhstan already pay a levy for their electricity.

The reports say that crypto mining companies had to pay above the regular rate for other customers during the previous summer season. Miners received tax burdens of 1 Kazakhstani currency, the tenge, for every kilowatt-hour of electricity they consumed.

The crypto mining process is well-known to consume high energy amounts. That is, therefore, a significant reason for the Central American country’s crackdown on Bitcoin mining activities.

Effects of the Influx of Crypto Miners

Kazakhstan, which has capped electricity tariffs, has become a significant destination for crypto miners since 2021. After fleeing the Chinese government’s aggressive campaign against the bitcoin mining sector, Miners chose Kazakhstan in May.

Speaking during a meeting with other government personnel, Kazakhstan’s leader demanded a multiplication of mining operators’ tax. Additionally, the leader demanded that the country’s financial monitoring agency locate every minting enterprise in the nation and cross-check their relevant legal papers.

Many within the country had accused the massive immigration of bitcoin mining enterprises of the increasing electricity dearth in Kazakhstan. Consequently, the country’s government has started to close in on the industry.

Moreover, illegal mining operations weren’t only the ones affected by the nation’s electricity shortages. Reports say that legal miners also suffered from the electricity cuts that swept the country last winter.

While the electricity cuts in the country have reportedly forced some countries to exit the nation for other crypto minting destinations like the United States, over a hundred minting companies allegedly shut down in Kazakhstan in March.

The country is reportedly making plans to crackdown on minting companies evading tax. For instance, the government had identified five minting farms that leveraged a tax benefit allotted to the innovation sector to avoid taxes. The following days would tell whether Kazakhstan’s move would help to improve electricity supply within the country.

Bitcoin Mining Easier Now Than Ever

The difficulty of minting bitcoin dropped for the third time this year, according to statistics from the sector’s difficulty adjustment algorithm (DAA). Reports say the DAA drop, which went public on Thursday, makes it easier to locate blocks.

Earlier this year, on March 3 and March 17, the DAA dipped for bitcoin mining, motivating the significant mining industry players. Foundry USA remains the leading mining pool over the last 72 hours with 72 blocks and 16.63% of hash power.

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