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Ethereum Foundation’s Financial Report Reveals That It Has $1.6 Billion In Assets, With Ethereum (ETH) Accounting For 80.5%

According to the Ethereum Foundation Financial Report released on Monday, April 19, the foundation now has $1.6 billion in assets. Only $1.3 billion of the EF Treasury’s assets are held in cryptocurrency, with the remainder of the Treasury’s assets consisting primarily of non-crypto currency investments and asset ownership. 

The Ethereum Foundation (EF) Now Has $1.294 Billion In Ether

The Ethereum Foundation (EF) is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting growth and development within the Ethereum (ETH) ecosystem, and it was established in 2014. According to the newly published Ethereum Foundation (EF) Report of April 2022, there are various methods by which the Ethereum Foundation (EF) supports the Ethereum environment in numerous ways.

The Ethereum Foundation (EF) sets up cooperative teams committed to improving Ethereum (ETH) and the Ecosystem of the Ethereum network. It gives non-profit grants to projects that financially support teams aside from those associated with the significant Ethereum foundation teams: it oversees entrusted domain allotment; it employs third-party financial methods to actualize its goals.

The Ethereum Foundation’s Treasury and financials are discussed in detail in the April 2022 report, which begins by defining what the Ethereum Foundation (EF) is all about and what it accomplishes. The Ethereum Foundation presently has $1.6 billion in its Treasury, with $1.3 billion consisting of digital currencies such as Ethereum (ETH), bitcoin(BTC), etc.

Based on reports from the Ethereum Foundation, the Economic Education foundation says that it owns about 80.5 percent of its Crypto asset holdings in Ethereum (ETH), the second-largest cryptocurrency in terms of market capitalization and 0.297 percent of the overall supply of Ethereum. 

Going further, the Ethereum Foundation (EF) stresses that, in the period of the multi-year cryptocurrency market downturns, they, as a non-profit organization, allocate a “conventional treasury” that is not submissive to the volatile movements in the price of Ethereum. EF is retaining so much Ether because it symbolizes the non-belief profit’s future potential of Ethereum. The assets “reflect that long-term vision,” according to EF.

The Ethereum Foundation (EF) Expended $48 Million In The Fiscal Year 2021

Furthermore, according to the Ethereum foundation report, the non-profit organization spent approximately $48,500,000 in the previous year, with $20 million of the total going toward “external spending,” including grants and other such activities.

Teams and initiatives affiliated with the Ethereum ecosystem could continue their operations with the remaining funds. The overall spending balance was broken down into several categories, including layer one (L1) research and development (R&D), layer two (L2) research and development (R&D), applied Zero-knowledge (ZK) research, and community development (including a variety of outreach programs), and internal operations.

The news on April 10 recently reported on several ether treasuries, and the Ethereum Foundation is one of many organizations that hold Ethereum (ETH) as part of their investment portfolios. The paper discovered that about 12 different firms had Ethereum (ETH) holdings worth approximately $700 million on their balance sheets.

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