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Crypto News: Gains Network Includes Leverage Trading For Stock Prices Listed in the US; and other Developments

Gains Network, based on a decentralized finance system, reportedly plans to launch the premier leveraged marketplace for American stock prices. The organization announced their latest activities earlier today.

The system will reportedly introduce on-chain leveraged buying and selling of American stocks, increasing the large number of digital assets on the trading platform. Gains Network will reportedly test a beta version of the leveraged on-chain using few of the American stocks it intends to allow. 

The network will reportedly include more products after launching the mainnet.  Speaking on the development, the network’s founder said that the user-friendly rating of their system is approaching heights similar to those of a widely-operated network. 

GTrade Adopts Synthetic Buying and Selling of Stock Prices

Gains Network has raised the bar on how appealing decentralized finance could be to consumers by allowing them buy and sell leveraged stocks on the chain. The network reportedly plans to expand the total liquidity of the Polygon network, and DeFi services worldwide. 

The marketplace will adopt an new form of artificial leveraged structure for buying and selling in its token, called the $GNS. As a result of the new developments, gTrade reportedly seeks to assist clients with additional liquidity. 

For instance, clients on the gTrade platform don’t have to borrow the assets. Instead, they can utilize a synthetic system. Such a system opens an improved degree of efficient liquidity, while advancing the competitiveness of the marketplace.

Reports say that the trading place has executed different solo auditing processes by private firms so that it could ascertain that it includes a high level of security against cybercrime. 

Massive Acceptance for VeChain after Recent Deal with Alchemy Pay (ACH)

VeChain token (VET), a supply chain-focussed project is reportedly experiencing widespread adoption as tonnes of real-world stores worldwide accept the token as a means of payment. Over 2 million stores of real-world items have adopted the asset after Alchemy Pay signed an alignment with its owners.

The new alignment allow users to purchase real-world items with VeChain’s token (VET) at a cheap transaction rate. Users can now trade products via Alchemy Pay via their e-wallets.

Sunny Lu, the CEO of VeChain, says his firm seeks to improve the utility levels usage of the asset. Additionally, the CEO  hopes more people will adopt the virtual assets after the company’s agreement.

Lu said that users could now access traditional settlement processing outlets like Visa and Mastercard through Alchemy Pay. Also, users can also now reportedly avoid the challenges involved in using crypto exchanges.

Yuga Labs to Set up Its Blockchain Network 

Yuga Labs says it will set up its blockchain after miners had challenges minting during its Otherside non-fungible tokens project launch. The challenges of users reportedly resulted due to unexpectedly high levels of consumer demands for the Otherdeed tokens and spiking gas costs.

Yuga Labs’ Otherdeed non-fungible tokens’ minting activities were reportedly the most popular in the industry. Consequently, tthe large volume of the minting activities clogged the Ethereum network, making it difficult for users of other apps from assessing the network. However, Yuga Labs says it will refund the gas costs to individuals who experienced losses over failed mints.

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