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StackinSat Founder Says Narratives Promoting Blockchain Hinder Broader Adoption of Bitcoin

After a decade-long struggle in the crypto industry – out of some self-justified individual viewpoints – a few members of the crypto community determined to stand against the primary crypto token called Bitcoin (BTC). However, this resulted in the emergence of a narrative that negated Bitcoin but supported the blockchain sector.

StackinSat Founder Says Bitcoin Adoption Is hindered by Pro-Blockchain Narratives

The founder of StackinSat (a Bitcoin exchange platform) as well as responsible for Surfin’ Bitcoin 2022’s organization, Josselin Tonnellier, is of the view that the respective idea is among the chief hindrances within the way of the adoption of Bitcoin in France at a large scale.

He, while appearing in the latest interview, touched on many significant subjects – taking into account the BTC as well as the general crypto adoption in France, the background as well as the targets of the conference named Surfin’ Bitcoin, as well as dealing with the difficulties being experienced during the ongoing bear market of cryptocurrency.

As per the executive, the most overwhelming issue within France regarding the adoption of Bitcoin counts as the narrative which is supporting the blockchain sector which is putting a negative effect on the scenario of Bitcoin. He added that during the previous years, several within the community promoted the concept that blockchain is remarkable while Bitcoin is something malicious.

Josselin Tonnellier to Manufacture Content Presenting True Bitcoin Picture

He mentioned that this is the reason why they are attempting to create content in collaboration with top Bitcoin proponents which would elaborate on the real status of the initial crypto asset. In his words, people also intend to have a look at the actual picture of Bitcoin rather than the distorted one which has been shown by a handful of people.

The executive also talked about the objective of the event asserting that it was organized to offer a place to get together in fine settings at August’s denouement and enjoy spending time at the beach. According to the executive, with that gathering, they intended to relax and discuss Bitcoin in the holidays.

Apart from that, the event manager pointed out that numerous events have been focused on non-fungible tokens (BTC) and Web3 space however Bitcoin has not been given that much weightage thus they thought out this event. The organizer moved on to say that despite the limitation of the sponsoring opportunities as well as the prevailing bear market created some issues nonetheless they managed to conduct Surfin’ Bitcoin.

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