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SHIB Investor Expands His Holdings to AAVE and MKR While Acquiring 271.3B SHIB

According to data supplied by WhaleStats and monitored by Etherscan, a huge Ethereum investor reportedly amassed a remarkable amount of Shiba Inu meme tokens, reaching over 271,000,000 tokens. Meanwhile, another significant SHIB whale (with $91,000,000 in meme tokens) has purchased massive volumes of other popular cryptocurrencies

271.3M Shiba Inu Snatched by a Whale

A whale rated 207 on WhaleStats recently added 271,370,420,630 SHIB to his cryptocurrency fortune after paying $6,542,740 for the bundle of meme coins. According to Etherscan’s additional information on this wallet, this whale has lately been buying and selling large sums of Shiba Inu, a few of which were twice more than the one stated above. He bought precisely the same amount of SHIB five days previously – 271,370,420,624 tokens – but traded it just some hours later.

An unknown whale bought a startling quantity of Shiba Inu earlier during the week, based on the data published by Etherscan, embezzling 200,588,182,473 meme tokens. The quantity of cryptocurrency is valued at $4,944,498. It’s the 2nd transaction to this address in the last week, according to Etherscan. The last one was 5 days ago, and it brought the whale 3,713,675,424,944 SHIB. When combined with his prior SHIB purchase, he had a sum of 3,914,263,607,418 of the 2nd most famous dog meme token SHIB.

Meanwhile, SHIB has increased by 11.19% in the last week. According to CoinMarketCap, the 2nd biggest dog token is now trading at $0.00002462. This dropped by 72.13 % from the token’s ATH of $0.00008845 on 28th October 2021.

SHIB: Second Most Valuable Token Acquired by Whales

Additionally, SHIB is currently ranked first among the tokens owned by the leading 100 Ethereum whales. Following FTX Token (FTT), it’s the second-largest cryptocurrency holding in terms of worth in U.S. dollars.

These whales currently own $1,544,567,821 in Shiba Inu, accounting for 17.48 percent of their total cryptocurrency holdings. FTT’s total is $1,684,768,658 in USD, or 19.07 percent of its total assets. At $377,903,814 in currency, the MATIC total accounts for 4.27 percent of the holdings.

Shiba Inu Whale Purchases AAVE and MKR 

Shiba Inu whale purchases MKR and AAVE a “Sabo” wallet, rated forty-eight on the WhaleStats rating and possessing $91,757,200 in SHIB, has increased his cryptocurrency assets by buying 1,024 MKR for almost $2,000,000. Another altcoin that Sabo’s creator purchased was AAVE, and he purchased 16,706 of this token valued at $2,746,299.

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