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Sega Considering Adding NFTs to Its Super Game Project

Sega has disclosed plans to include NFTs in its upcoming blockbuster gaming project, codenamed the ‘Super Game’ Project. The Asian gaming corporation says NFTs in the project would help intertwine games.

Sega announced that its upcoming gaming initiative could include non-fugitible tokens and cloud gaming technology. A group of crypto-wary gamers has expressed their displeasure with the news over the Internet within the past week. 

The gaming giant reportedly says it would turn out its offerings between now and 2027. Sega also says the initiative would turn out new games of the AAA grade. Reports say the company would possibly invest about $800 million in the project.

Sega threw light on the possibility of including non-fugitible tokens and cloud gaming technology in an interview on the company’s website. During the interview, a top official at Sega, Masayoshi Kikuchi, said the firm had an entrenched culture of expanding into innovative grounds.

Masayoshi also highlighted the gaming factory’s recent foray into social media channels, allowing players and other users to stream games on YouTube. Masayoshi further suggested that the company would “naturally” extend its tentacles into cloud gaming technology and non-fugitible collectibles.

Sega started planning the game initiative about six months ago after an alliance with Microsoft. The alignment would allow Seega to produce games via Microsoft’s cloud computing technology.

The Japanese gaming company has other projects like Sonic the Hedgehog 2, which show the potential of a cinema blockbuster.

Crypto-Wary Gamers Fight NFT Gaming Idea

Sega reportedly registered its non-fugitible tokens in its name earlier last January. However, the CEO observed that many Sega gamers had expressed their displeasure with the move.

Gaming enthusiasts on Twitter and Reddit expressed their grievances over the news. Most people say they don’t just like the concept of non-fungible token games. Also, others have reportedly blamed the inherent silent greed seen in mini-game deals as a “turn-off” for them.

However, some users expressed hope in the possibility of making a few bucks from selling some collectibles via games. Sega also said that the company would consider technologies that could help with interconnecting games.

But Sega isn’t the only company that has attracted backlash from its fans after announcing its intentions to incorporate cryptocurrency and video games. Storybook Brawl, a card game launched in 2021, had reportedly enjoyed widespread support until a cryptocurrency exchange acquired it.

Reports say the unsavory feedback of its users became so “overwhelming” that more than over 78% of the game’s last reviews were unpleasant. Although people who don’t have any experience playing the game could leave a review, most of the unsavory comments came from players who spent much time on Storybook Brawl.

Another similar occurrence occurred with Ubisoft Entertainment SA’s recent NFT gaming project. The gaming corporation initiative had reportedly earned about a 97% dislike ratio on this YouTube channel.

Reddit and Twitter gaming enthusiasts also expressed their anger at what a user called an anti-consumer move. Another user said their reason for disapproving the project was instead based on a personal view of digital collectibles, further requesting that the company uninstalled the in-game purchases.

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