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HIVE Plans to Expand Mining Operations to Texas

Mining firm HIVE has revealed plans to expand its operations to Texas with the proposed acquisition of mining hardware. The publicly-traded firm will acquire the devices from a third-party, which will be powered by Intel’s ASIC.  In Proof-of-Work activities, ASIC or Application-Specific Integrated Circuit solve difficult mathematical problems to generate additional blocks on the network. … Read more

Cardano’s Founder Shares His Reasons For Not Donating to Ukraine

Various founders and stakeholders of the DeFi community have sent some cash in cryptocurrencies to Ukraine following its crypto donations request on the official Twitter account to intensify its fight against Russia. The request was well received as donations started pouring in from all quarters. As of the time of this publication, over $24 million … Read more

Bitcoin Playing a Vital Role In the Russia-Ukraine War

The Russia-Ukraine war may be the center of discussion in the last week, but there’s no denying the big role played by Bitcoin in the ongoing conflict. The use of the flagship cryptocurrency reached its peak, as citizens from both countries opted for the O.G crypto to complete most of its transactions.  Speaking of the … Read more

Proof-of-Work Debate Stalls European Union’s Decision On Cryptocurrency Bill

The debate over crypto mining and energy consumption has stalled European Union’s votes on the much-anticipated crypto market bill to the excitement of the crypto world. It was announced that the bill, a directive from MiCA, would be voted upon next week, precisely on February 28, in the European Parliament. It will be sent into … Read more

Expert Predicts Bitcoin to Decline Further

Many experts have predicted the price decline of bitcoin, from Stifel Bannister to famous BTC critic Peter Schiff, and Alex Kruger, the founder of asset management company Aike Capital. Last month, Kruger believed BTC could plunge to $30K if the inflation stat returned unfavorably. Well, he isn’t far from the figure, as BTC is trading … Read more

European Union Drafts Regulations to Limit Proof-of-Work Activities

Limiting the environmental impact of crypto mining has been one of the pressing issues facing countries and regional bodies. It’s a well-known fact that Proof-of-Work activities are energy-consuming and hurt the climate, which world leaders are clamoring to save. This has called on the attention of the European Union. According to reports, the regional body … Read more

Coinbase Hauled 208.6M XRP: Rumors of XRP Getting Relisted on Coinbase Shoved

Whale Alert, a cryptocurrency tracking bot, has discovered a slew of significant XRP transfers across exchanges. Coinbase, a publicly-traded United States company, was one of them. Because a considerable amount of the XRP-affiliated coin has been traded, several XRP enthusiasts have speculated about a likely relisting of Ripple. Coinbase Moved 89M XRP Whale Alert discovered … Read more

“We Will Not Regulate NFTs,” Says MAS

Regulating NFTs have been a subject of debate since last year owing to the success of the sector in revenue generation. Financial regulators in different countries have been asked, on several occasions, if NFTs would be regulated, but the answer has always been negative.   The same question was directed to Tharman Shanmugaratnam, one of the … Read more

Sandbox (SAND): 40% Bullish Rally Likely to Terminate

SAND price maintains an upside trend from its 2-month lows. Failure to enter a bull flag might see bearishness continuing. Sandbox moves in extreme oversold situations. Sandbox (SAND) saw some wild price reactions this week. The metaverse crypto witnessed a move to $2.55 from the highs of $3.34, transacting to a 23% fall. However, SAND … Read more