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Luxury Health Club In NYC, Equinox, To Allow Cryptocurrency Transactions Via Bitpay

One of the leading health clubs in Newyork, Equinox, is set to accept cryptocurrencies  for its service as it announces its partnership with Bitpay, a top crypto-enable payment platform, a news source reports.

According to the report, the success of this collaboration will make Equinox the first health club to adopt digital currencies as a means of legal tender among the 40 health clubs in the whole of New York City. 

Equinox is based in New York City and it is globally recognized as an avenue for luxurious gyms and clubs. Report has it that it plans to officially announce the partnership and the services that would be added to its functionality Monday, and until then, members will continue to pay with fiat currency.

The news of the collaboration between Equilox and Bitpay was reported earlier today, May 2nd on the New York Post. The news is a favorable one for crypto investors who love to patronize the services of the health firm. 

Equinox Sets To Offer Crypto Payment Option 

The announcement is yet to be official. But in the meantime while customers wait for it to be officially sealed, they are excited that they would soon have the options to pay the membership fees of $250 monthly and other specified services with either Cryptos or fiat currency.

Statistics released from the luxury health firm shows that it has recorded a significant rise in sales of about 122% in the Q1 of this year. This shows that the firm has strongly bounced back from the effect of the 2019/20 Pandemic Lockdown.

Furthermore, Equinox is quite versatile in technology as it is greatly committed to virtual and physical programming integrations. The luxury health club has promised its customers that it will continue to provide them with health, security and cleanliness of high standards.

Crypto Continues To Boom In New York Despite Strict Opposition

Meanwhile cryptocurrency continues to receive steady and wide adoption in New York City and the world at large as both individual and institutional investors continue to troop in to invest in crypto in large numbers.

The Mayor of NYC, Mayor Eric Adams seems to understand the benefit of cryptocurrency as he supports the crypto technology and encourages the government body to be lenient in their dealings with crypto regulations.

The New York regulators continue to maintain their strict stance on cryptocurrency. They recently considered banning the mining of Bitcoin in the City for a couple of years because of its heavy electricity consumption and other environmental effects.

However, despite the strict and restrictive measures taken by the New York City regulators, crypto continues to boom in the city. The City is one of the top leading cities to adopt digital currencies in the United States. Many big firms in the city such as BlackRock, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan and others are currently considering to include cryptos in their investment portfolios.

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