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A Report Says Crypto Can Influence Voters In US Midterm Elections This Year

Haun Ventures reported that it surveyed around 800 midterm voters (from 4 swing states of the United States). It asserted that the great majority of voters supported decentralization, as well as many of them, were HODLers themselves.  A detailed statement has been shared by Haun Ventures (a venture capital organization) about the survey results, conducted … Read more

Kevin O’Leary Says Disruption In Payment Systems by Crypto Threatens JP Morgan CEO

Kevin O’Leary – in a conference of Converge22 (which was held on 8th September) – shared the fear of Jamie Dimon about the disruption that is caused by cryptocurrencies in the case of traditional payment systems. Kevin O’Leary is a venture capitalist who possesses several million and is the anchor of Shark Tank and Jamie … Read more

Voyager Digital Is Reportedly Going To Exit the Firm This Year

Ashwin Prithipaul, the chief financial officer (CFO) of Voyager Digital, has resigned from his post to move toward other opportunities. This move has been witnessed at a time when several bailouts presented by prominent industry players have been attracted by the insolvent crypto lending company. Voyager Digital Sees the Resignation of Its CFO after His … Read more

China’s Central Bank Is Planning On Expanding Its CBDC’s Trials To Four Provinces

Officials of the Central Bank of China have declared that China is going to expand its pilot testing of its digital asset e-CNY into its other populous provinces i.e., Sichuan, Hebei, Jiangsu and Guangdong by the end of the year 2022. As China is consecutively conducting pilot tests of the national digital asset names Yuan, … Read more