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Coinbase Executive Claims Institutional Investors are Taking an Interest in Crypto other than Bitcoin and Ethereum

At present, Bitcoin and Ethereum are among the biggest cryptocurrency market forces and drivers. However, one Coinbase executive believes that the big players are taking an interest in cryptocurrency beyond the scope of these two giants. The idea was shared by Coinbase’s head of Institutional research named, David Duong. He claimed that according to the … Read more

India’s Plan to Regulate Cryptocurrencies Gets IMF Support

Cryptocurrency investors in India have not been showing a favorable stance from their government. Crypto traders are liable to pay as high as 30% taxes on their crypto investments. IMF, which has been vocally opposed to the promotion of cryptocurrencies, has recently lent its support to India in association with the US government. The international … Read more

Fund Manager Matt Hougan Says Next Crypto Bull Run will Surpass All Previous Records

Cryptocurrency markets took a back seat for a while, but the market is ready for another massive comeback. To this end, the CIO of Bitwise Asset Management, Matt Hougan, has shared his optimism. He recently told the media that the upcoming bull run in the cryptocurrency market is going to be notorious and surpass all … Read more

IMF Executive Board Declares Bitcoin as Legal Tender

There has been some noise on the matter of adopting cryptocurrencies as legal tender since the elevation of Bitcoin in El Salvador. IMF, which has been known to issue loans to the country, has been critical of the idea and has dismissed the step as a silly experiment. Recently, the board of IMF has ruled … Read more

Eclipse is Launching the Solana-based Layer2 Project for Polygon

Eclipse is a DeFi development company that specializes in the development of Layer2 blockchain projects. The firm has recently announced the production of a new project that is created for Polygon SVM. According to the statement issued by Eclipse devs, the project is also designed to be compatible with the Solana blockchain. This new project … Read more

Coinbase will Defend its Staking Program in US Courts, Says CEO

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong was talking to the media about the regulatory implications on the exchange last week. Talking to the media, he claimed that the staking services offered by the exchange are not unregistered securities. It is worth noting that SEC is currently cracking down on crypto firms and projects. The regulatory agency has … Read more

Polygon (MATIC) can Outperform Bitcoin, Says Crypto Analyst

There have been several theories about the ultimate dethroning of Bitcoin as the top cryptocurrency. Recently, the idea was reiterated by a cryptocurrency analyst who goes by the name of Pentoshi. It is worth noting that Polygon is a layer-02 solution that was created by Indian developers and hosted on the Ethereum network. The project … Read more

ZkSync is Now Open for Registered DeFi Projects on the Ethereum Blockchain, While the Mainnet Remains Inaccessible

ZkSync is a scaling solution built on the Ethereum network. The project has completed its next version, called fair onboarding alpha. This upgrade has allowed the registered projects hosted on the Ethereum blockchain to deploy on the mainnet. The developers of the project have renamed it from ZKSync 2.0 to zkSync Era. This scaling solution … Read more

Litecoin Surprises Ethereum with Over 170.5 Million Addresses

Litecoin was first introduced in 2011 and it has been copied from the Bitcoin core program. However, the Litecoin project offers a better transaction speed and its total supply is greater than Bitcoin. The total amount of LTC is capped at 84 million. Litecoin has gained considerable traction among investors on account of its proximity … Read more

El Salvador Passes New Digital Securities Bill to Launch Bitcoin Bonds

El Salvador has emerged on the world map in the 21st century as the first country to list Bitcoin as a legal tender. Following the example of El Salvador several other countries have also decided to follow suit and some are working to get the job done. In previous years, El Salvador has taken steps … Read more