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Crypto News: Michael Saylor, CEO of MicroStrategy, Advocates for Bitcoin over Bonds and Other Developments

The Chief Executive Officer of MicroStrategy, Michael Saylor, expresses his faith in BTC being less risky than bonds and gold. He publicly expressed his opinions in an interview with CNBC after praising Fidelity’s adoption of Bitcoin as a possible retirement savings option for its clientele. 

During the interview, Saylor informed CNBC that he is pleased with Fidelity’s recent announcement and claims that the provision had long-term benefits. Fidelity Investments turned out to be the first retirement savings firm in America to provide BTC as a potential option for citizens’ 401(k) accounts.

Saylor afterward went on to say that investing in Bitcoin was less risky than investing in bonds, commodities, properties, or the stock market. The executive went on to say that the virtual asset savings provision of Fidelity Investments has overcome certain technicalities that concern the provision of a 401(k) savings plan.

He also added that the adoption of BTC as a savings option for its clientele would fill a crucial vacuum in the financial investments market. Additionally, despite its current price, Saylor advocates a bullish form for BTC in the long term.

BTC’s performance has been under par in the past few months, currently selling below 40k USD an asset. Saylor claims that maximalists of virtual assets would benefit the BTC market over the long haul. However, he maintains that technocrats and market trading activities determine the markets.

Argentina’s Taxation Agency Advocates for Global Registry of Crypto Wallets to Clamp Down on Tax Defaulters

Argentina’s taxation authority advocates for international organizations to have a global central system to document virtual assets’ wallets worldwide. The country’s tax agency’s leader claims that would help tax authorities worldwide to clamp down on tax defaulters.

Reports say that the South American nation’s tax authorities have utilized financial information obtained from international exchanges in receiving taxes from citizens’ virtual assets’ wallets held in foreign nations. Reports say that the purpose of the monitoring system is to enhance the agency’s efficiency in taxing virtual assets.

The country is reportedly moving to garner funds to offset a debt it owed the IMF. Therefore, it utilizes the latest tax collection regulations to achieve its debt repayment purposes. Recently, the country’s Senate welcomed a law that intends to receive taxes on all funds of Argentines evading tax from their assets worldwide, including virtual currencies.

US Judiciary Indicts European Duo for Allegedly Conniving with North Korea to Circumvent Economic Restrictions

A US Court indicted two Europeans for infringing on the country’s sanctions on North Korea via putting together a conference on digital assets in the Asian country. The accused individuals reportedly organized the conference on virtual assets and related technologies in 2019. 

Meanwhile, The Federal Bureau of Investigation, supported by the US judiciary, issued warnings to any entities considering evading America’s prohibitions on any foreign territory. Earlier this month, a US Judge sentenced a former ETH developer to 5 years and three months behind bars plus a $100k fine for allegedly participating in the same conference on virtual assets in North Korea and aiding the nation in circumventing the US restrictions.

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